Wire Type Chip Conveyor

SVS Wiper Type Chip Conveyor are best utilized in applications where materials such as cast iron, bronze and brass are begin machined both in dry and wet condition. These metals generally produce smaller chips that tent to nest together.

Chips directly fall to the bottom of the conveyor and the wiper Attached to the roller chain moving on guides scrap the material along the bottom of the body.available in various configurations, straight or inclined up to 75”


Magnetic Chip Conveyors

SVS Magnetic Chip Conveyors are designed to convey ferrous chips like small bits and power from the coolant . the moving permanent magnets mounted on endless chain undereath the stainless steel attracts ferrous chips and slide them over the sheet to discharge end. Seperated coolant to the tank.


Hinged Belt Conveyors

SVS Hinged Belt Conveyors offer a very effective means of managing heavy metal and stringy chips when chips fall from the machine tool they land on the top surface of the conveyor belt, where they are conveyed directly to the bin. They can also installed to convey semi-finished and finished parts such as screws, nuts and stampings.

The hinged belt is made up of extra heavy-duty sheet and the perfect guiding ensures minimum friction and noise free operation. avilable in various configurations straight or inclined up to 75”


Magnetic Seperator

Magnetic Seperator is fullly Automatic unit designed for filtering coolant/oil contaminated with ferrous particles. Contaminated coolant from machine passes through the high-powerd permanent Magnetic rotary drum.The swarf attracted by magnetic drum is squeezed by Synthetic rubber roller and it is scrapped and collected seperately in a dust-collecting bin.

These are lightweight, compact designed and can easily be installed anywhere. It filters almost 95% of ferrous particles. Available in various capacities from 50 to 1000 LPM Magnetic Seperator with grooved drum is also available where ferrous particles are in the form of grains/small bits. Area of contact of coolant with magnetic drum is also morein this type



SVS BELT TYPE OIL SKIMMER is used to remove Lub/Gear/Waste oil mixed with emulsion coolant. The unit is fixed on top of the coolant tank with half of the synthetic rubber belt immersed in tank. The belt driven by geared motor attracts oil on the surface of coolant and removed by scraper. Easily installed in coolant tanks to recover tramp oil, scum etc. Increase the coolant life, reduces the consumption of filter media and aids prevention of bacterial growth.



SVS DISC TYPE OIL SKIMMER is similar to belt type, whereas instead of belt, disc is used to remove oil on the surface of the coolant. The disc is partially submerged in the coolant. The material of Disc will be decided on type of coolant. SS disc can be used with chemical solvents and at higher temperature fluids.


Screw Conveyors

SVS SCREW CONVEYORS are ideal for available limited space. Wherever other conveyors could not be installed, we can go for screw conveyors. These can be used to handle powdered or broken chips. Available in various diameters to handle different volume of materials.


Cartridge Filter / Bag Filter

SVS CARTRIDGE / BAG FILTER is used for very fine filtration up to 5 micron. Pre-filtered coolant is pumped through a cartridge / bag element which is placed in a housing and we can get pure coolant with high degree of filtration. As an addition High pressure System can be provided along with these filters. This will be ideal for spindle through coolant, Deep Hole operation, Washing machines etc.,


Paper Band Cum Magnetic Seperator

SVS PAPER BAND CUM MAGNETIC SEPARATOR is used for efficient filtration of magnetic and non — magnetic contaminants. The contaminated coolant is first passes through the magnetic filter which separates almost 95% of the ferrous particles and thus reducing the load on paper band filter and consumption of paper.

Then the coolant passes through the paper band filter where non — magnetic particles are removed and ensures positive filtration to order of 20 microns. The float mechanism senses the contaminated coolant level on the paper. If the paper chokes, it triggers the endless conveyor to bring the fresh paper in position automatically. Available from 50 to 1000 LPM. Paper band filter alone can be used for non —ferrous filtration.


Gear Boxes / Geared Motors

  • Adaptable gear boxes
  • Size 112 to 337
  • Double reduction gear boxes
  • Solid foot gear boxes 3" to 10'
  • Helical Geared Motors
  • upto 20HP
  • Speed range 20 to 410 RPM

Gear Boxes(Worm Reduction)

  • Worm Reduction Gearboxes
  • Aluminium Body
  • Solid / Hollow - Input / Outputs
  • Max.Ratio - 100:1
  • High Reliability / Performance
  • Ex-Stock

Telescopic Covers / Bellows

  • Bellows - Any Type
  • Telescopic Covers
  • Apron Covers
  • Rollaway Covers
  • Custom Built
  • Wipers, Lips Ex-Stock


  • Light Weight
  • Easy Mounting
  • Immersion depth from 210m to 1400 mm
  • Voltage 100V to 230VAC
  • Variable Speed
  • CE Certified
  • SPECIAL - to suit your application

Coolant Pumps

  • Immersion type Pumps
  • For Standard Machine tools
  • High Pressure pumps for CNC Machines
  • Special Pumps Any Pressure and discharge
  • Voltage 440 VAC, 230 VAC

Process Filters & Housing


Hydraulic Filters & Housing


Duplex Housings

  • Housings of SS/MS-Powder Coated
  • Flow Rates 75, 150, 300, 600 & 1000 Ipm
  • Elements in Wiremesh, Paper, Fibre Glass, Polyester/PP

Mega Housings

  • SS304 / SS316 / FRP Housings for Large ,Flows
  • Custom Made Cartridges Pleated / Bag Type
  • Hinged Bolt Mounting

Basket Elements

  • Standard Sizes of Filter Bags
  • Custom Made Baskets to suit existing Housings
  • MOC of SS304/SS316/Monel/Hastalloy

Filter Bag

  • PP / Nylon / PVDF / PE
  • Fineness : 1,5,10,25,50,100 microns
  • Elements Nominal & Absolute
  • Sizes : 4"diax81/2"long",4"diax14"long",